Casting Evaluation


Video Tape Yourself

From your casting side.  Video in  Slo Mo if you can.  Keep casting segments to 20 seconds or less. You can send more than one video

Rod set up?

List your Rod Make and Model and length & line weight

Please indicate the following in your email.

How much time have you been casting, 2 weeks, months, years? 

Are you a spin fisher?

Where did you get the rod you are casting?

Do you like the rod you are casting?

What seems uncomfortable or not working for you?

Your name and phone number and best times to call?

Email Video to

If you would prefer to upload the video to gmail and send a link to

Deposit $30 to Shenanigansflyfishing

Paypal :  $31.50 to

Venmo : $30.00 to tmurrayt

Expect a follow up email and phone call

Your cast will be evaluated, written evaluation of possible improvements, changes, etc will be emailed to you.    A follow up phone call will occur to discuss workability of casting adaptations.