Gear Evaluation


Video tape your gear, 22 seconds or less, can send multiple.

The more specific the description or detail of the gear the more w will be able to assist. Get close ups. If possible identified parallel specifics, ie, reel size has what weight line on it.  Reel size on Rod size,  Regular shoe size vs wading shoe size. 

Share what you are thinking about the gear.

What do you like/ dislike about the gear? What questions do you have about the gear?  ie. Do your feet hurt in your wading boots?  etc. 

Send video and email with explanation to

Or upload video and send a link to  along with email with information above explaining your thoughts/ concerns.  Add your phone number and best time to call. 

Send payment of Shenanigans ($30 per hour)

Paypal - $32.00

Venmo - $30.00  tmurrayt

Expect a phone call with information regarding your concerns.

Expect a follow up email of the discussion we have.